The great Australian dream of owning your own piece of property is a reality, but locating the ideal location requires careful study. While navigating these waters may appear daunting, having professional assistance will give you peace of mind.

Here’s a list of the main considerations while buying land for sale Wollert.


The real estate motto – location – is one of the most crucial things to consider before purchasing land for sale Wallan. Not just a calmer street, the block you buy should be close to nearby facilities such as shops, schools, hospitals, parks, and public transportation.

While your building developer is sure to have done some study on your property, you should double-check any bushfire, cyclone, or flood threats with your local council. These threats may have an impact on your insurance rates as well as your ability to obtain funding for your project. As a general guideline, when looking at land for sale in Mickleham near extensive bushland or waterways, you should be cautious.

Size, shape and aspect of block

It suffices to say that your block must be large enough to fit the house you want to build. The most typical option is a flat, rectangular block that faces the street. Furthermore, depending on your own circumstances, you should examine the size of your block. A family, for example, may want a larger block to accommodate additional bedrooms and other amenities, but a single owner or a couple will require less land. As a result, the size of your chosen block will be determined by your home design.

Proximity to neighbours

For private individuals, closeness to neighbours is a significant consideration. If the piece of land you’re considering is sandwiched between two houses, you should definitely evaluate whether you’ll be okay living that near to your neighbours. If the site you’re considering is still undeveloped, you should inquire about existing and prospective construction ideas and developments. Otherwise, you might buy a private property only to find yourself surrounded by neighbours in a few years.

Soil, rocks and trees

Australia is a land of contrasts. Based on where your property is located, it may be vulnerable to both fire and floods. These very real threats can be avoided by consulting resources such as Geoscience Australia, which can assist you in determining flood zones and bushfire danger zones. More information will also be available to state and local government councils. Compare events across multiple years to obtain a better idea of how safe your new house will be from natural disasters.


One of the pleasures of creating your own home is the ability to choose your own orientation. You can use available sunshine throughout the year while minimizing the influence of direct sunlight and the ‘greenhouse effect’ to avoid overheating in the summer by taking advantage of the ‘north-facing aspect.’ When purchasing land, however, you should take into account any existing easements, roads, driveways, and the proximity of other existing and potential structures (neighboring land). If you have an option between two wonderful views, choose the one that won’t look into a neighbor’s fence in a few years.

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