You won’t meet everyone behind the Bombay Real Estate, but you can be assured that whether they are in administration, marketing or Sales team, each will be well briefed on your needs and will work together to provide you with the highest levels of service.

Ravi Kapoor
Ravi Kapoor Director/ OIEC P. 0394663075 M. 0432864944

Having lived locally and with a genuine passion for the area and community, Bombay Real Estate Director and OIC Ravi Kapoor, brings a fresh and energetic approach to Real Estate. Ravi is a passionate and market savvy, dedicated to exceptional customer service and willingness to work hard whether you are buying or selling. Applying his expertise and market knowledge to residential properties that consistently exceed the goal of his clients. Well respected, for his unparalleled professional track record of having set new record prices in the area, accompanied with high ethical standards on all levels, Ravi has based his success on honesty and reliability.

As a Director, he will go above and beyond, to provide his clients the special attention they expect from a professional. He has the ability to converse and to drive sales results, using savvy negotiating skills with focus on personal performance improvement and leadership. Ravi Kapoor leads, trains and motivates his team by sharing his knowledge and providing supportive guidance to be customer focused and results driven.

He will ensure an efficient complete Service accompanied with exceptional loyalty, along with industry leading advertising and marketing systems and a commitment to negotiating the best possible results, and for this Ravi is an obvious choice when listing your home. Ravi is an honest hard-working family man who does absolutely everything in his power to ensure his clients success. Father of a gorgeous 3-year old son, his spare times are spent with his Young Family exploring and traveling to new destinations, and a friendly weekend game of Cricket.

Amreen Singh
Amreen Singh Sales Executive P. 94663075 M. 0455556041

Amreen’s comprehensive skill set lies behind the exceptional track record of sales success he has achieved during a career to date that’s defined by total professionalism, dedication to excellence and an astute ability to negotiate exceptional result Amreen’s valuable experience gives him a unique talent for identifying and showcasing the most attractive features of his clients’ properties.

Complementing his keen eye for- detail, Amreen also possesses an astute local knowledge of Melbourne’s northern suburbs, where he has lived for most of his professional life.

Amreen creates complete client confidence through his straight forward
approach, attention to detail and market awareness. Amreen is also known for his outstanding negotiating skills and has a superb track record across all segments of the market place. The effectiveness of Amreen’s approach is demonstrated by the extent to which word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business flow his way. A clear leader and , property professional. An avid tennis player Other interests include swimming and playing golf.

Jessica Kaur
Jessica Kaur Area Manager P. 0394663075 M. 0435158564

Jessica Kaur is a highly respected, experienced real estate professional and licensed estate agent.

Possessing a strong work ethic and a keen sense of the local market, Jessica prides herself on giving all her clients an individual and undivided attention to meet both the Vendors and buyers needs during the sales process.

Enthusiasm, hard work and personalized service go into everything Jessica does. These attributes allow her to stand out in the industry. Jessica has an uncanny flair for matching people with property, by providing the precise and up to date feedback on the state of the market, comparable sales and property values, giving them a realistic outlook on their expectations. Her strong base of loyal repeat clients is the reason Jessica has been successful in this incredibly competitive sales environment.

With keen interest in real estate and her desire to go above and beyond, her quality service, professionalism and consistent superior performance makes her an asset to everyone she meets.

Whether listing or selling Jessica’s aim is to forge a long lasting and mutually rewarding relationship by making the sales process as stress free and enjoyable as possible. Jessica is a young mum and most of her spare time is devoted to her growing son. When away and not in the office, Jessica enjoys day trips with her family and friends.

Rishika Mahajan
Rishika Mahajan Senior Property Manager P. 94663075 M. 0448440347

Property management is her true passion.

Rishika Bhutani is an experienced Senior Property Manager and Business Development Manager. She ensures that she can provide her clients with a high level of customer service.

For the new landlords, she is proactive to make them understand the
leasing and management process. She is a positive, enthusiastic and hardworking person that thrives on challenges and prides herself on the knowledge & understanding of the Residential Tenancies Act, and ability to understand the needs and desires of both landlord and tenants. She believes in guiding her clients and reassures that how they can maximize their rental return and maintain their investment assets in a timely manner.
What She Brings She has a proactive approach in dealing with her clients and works in their best interests.

Clients can rely on her “Can do Attitude” ready with an outcome to any issues and resolving them quickly.

Love Sharma
Love Sharma Sales Executive P. 0400024502 M. 0400024502

If relentlessness and focus had a new name, it would be Sharma. His ambition to succeed in the Real Estate Industry is his priority, and he is achieving this by attending to his clients needs and requirements with every breath. Sharma has a very approachable and down to earth nature, and this quality shines thru on every occasion you meet with him.He will go above and beyond to accommodate his clients in every way he can, to better serve them to get the best result. Sharma is the forever optimist and a hard worker.

Pir Sidhu
Pir Sidhu Sales Executive P. 03 9466 3075 M. 0455047009

Property is not just a business for Pir, it is a way of life. His unrelenting passion for dealing with people and helping them achieve their goals through property is what he loves the most.
Pir has the expertise and knowledge of the market to offer his clients superior advice, exceed expectations and elevate life for homeowners, investors, and buyers with whom he connects.

Pir Sidhu’s decision to join Bombay Real Estate was an easy one, as the synergy between “outstanding customer service, utmost integrity & premium results” were aligned. With a brand that is renowned for being pliable and quick to adapt Pir is able to do what he does best and that is to defy the status quo by creating bespoke approaches that stand out in a crowded marketplace and achieve results that are second to none.

Pir is a family man and in his spare time enjoys spending time with his young family.

Sunil Gandham
Sunil Gandham Sales Executive P. 0394663075 M. 0418980846

Sunil is a professional agent with great customer service experience.

Naresh Pokhriyal
Naresh Pokhriyal P. 0394663075 M. 0415909401
Maria Todoroska
Maria Todoroska Administration P. 0394663075

Maria is an all rounder. Been with the Company since day one, Maria is a Young professional lady striving to attend to all her tasks with a zest and a can do attitude. Maria has a great sense of humor. In her spare time, Maria enjoys the company of her two gorgeous teenage daughters.

Jill Zennelli
Jill Zennelli Operations Manager P. 9466 3075 M. 0447145867

With strong background in Client Services and Quality Assurance, Jill has more than 15 years in Executive Level of Management experience in Commercial Facilities and Property Maintenance Management.

Jill’s entry to the real estate world came on 2017. Her desire to work with high performing professionals with great work ethics, the Real Estate Industry is the perfect match for Jill’s attention to detail, accompanied with her dynamic and personable nature. She always had a keen interest in real estate and took the opportunity of setting herself up with one of the fastest growing real estate agencies in the Northern Suburbs.

Amongst her long list of accomplishments and credits and a diploma in Commerce, Jill is an Excellent listener and a natural communicator who takes the time to get to know her clients. Fluent in few languages with the ability to engage on all levels. Jill’s business experience and negotiation skills are evident in the success and the variety of transactions she undertakes.

Jill has had a different and varied career path and that is what sets her apart from other agents, it is her no-frills and a matter of fact approach to all her transactions and dealings with clients. She surrounds herself with trusted professionals for outsourcing the best tools to drive most amount of interest.

Initiative, foresight, organisational ability, integrity and a genuine concern for others are essential character traits of a great real estate agent and Jill possess these in bucket lots. You can feel confident that you are being represented and assisted in every step of the way, by a professional who will get the job done.

” People, interior design and home architecture is what excite
me and when you combine them in a proper set up you have
a match made in heaven. I love what I do and look forward
to assisting you. For me it’s not just a job it is a lifestyle, you are not a
number or a contact on my data base, you are a new friend and I will
do my best to nourish that relationship.’’

Spending time with her family and friends, caring for her two fur babies are what Jill enjoys the most. Avid book reader, social golf player and a mean pastry baker.

Deepak Bawa
Deepak Bawa Sales Executive P. 03 9466 3075 M. 0447149278

Deepak’s business experience and negotiation skills are evident in the success and the variety of transactions she undertakes. “Selling a house is one of the largest financial transactions anyone will make. They need to be assured that the agent they appoint will support them throughout the process and make sure every minor detail has been accounted for” she says.
Deepak is a natural communicator who takes the time to get to know her clients.

She is a lifelong local of the northern area, and she loves to promote all that this region has to offer. Deepak is dedicated, bright and personable, bringing a vibrant fresh perspective to the industry.Honest, dependable and reliable, Deepak’s ability to build strong relationships with her clients is a key differentiator and make her an ideal choice for all your real estate needs. As she explains, “Selling a home is a major decision and I aim to make the process as smooth as possible. I ensure that our clients are kept fully informed throughout the entire sale process. At Bombay Real Estate, we place a great emphasis on understanding our customers and their needs”.

As a wife and a mother of two, she understands the decisions involved with buying and selling a family home and believes that every vendor deserves to have confidence their agent will do everything possible to achieve the very best result available in today’s market.

Sunny Bawa
Sunny Bawa Sales Manager P. 03 9466 3075 M. 0491219727

Sunny brings a positive attitude and is able to interact professionally with people from all backgrounds. Bringing a mature, affirmative and energetic approach to customer relations. Sunny’s exceptional communications skills are matched by a strong knowledge of the marketplace. Sunny thrives on the high energy nature of the industry and the satisfaction of assisting clients. For Sunny Bombay Real Estate offers a natural fit for his ambitious nature and his passion for learning the skills and nuances of being a successful salesperson. Being aligned with Bombay high profile brand and continually surrounded by the best in the industry, Sunny feels right at home in the fast paced northern Melbourne surrounds. Sunny enjoys the opportunity to associate with a variety of people and is dedicated to guaranteeing a helpful and hassle free experience for clients.

His gracious and attentive nature makes him a pleasure to deal with, and his focus on providing accurate information ensures clients are always kept informed.

Garry Singh
Garry Singh M. 0428475889
Ronit Verma
Ronit Verma M. 0418342931
Bhupinder Dhindsa
Bhupinder Dhindsa P. 0394663075 M. 0437003802
Sajjad Ahmad P. 0394663075 M. 0415828786
Lexie Steele P. 94663075 M. 0438900311
Harry Kaushal M. 0438210908
Mohammed Khalil M. 0413729247
Sumit Kishore
Sumit Kishore Licensed Estate Agent / Auctioneer P. 0394663075 M. 0423920260

Driven, focused, and highly professional Sumit brings an extensive array of Industry knowledge to Bombay Real Estate. Since settling in Australia for more than a decade ago, Sumit commenced his career in IT/Business development where he attained experience in the areas of Communication, Sales and Negotiation working with big multinationals for more than 10 years. As a resident of Craigieburn, Sumit knows the area and its people and he is an active and connected member of the community. Sumit’s strong community connection and relationships are at the core of his insights to the local markets, which is a true asset for both vendors and purchasers.

Sumit is multilingual with fluency in 3 languages: English, Hindi and Punjabi. Sumit loves to work closely with people from all cultures whether they are corporate developers, investors, mature down-sizers, or an enthusiastic first-home buyer with limited property experience. In addition to fluency in three languages, Sumit speaks “real estate” in a way that is easily understood whatever his client’s experience in real estate may be. Combining more than 10 years in IT and working for well renowned organisations such as University of Melbourne and Telstra, Sumit has the skills and hands-on experience to provide excellence in service to his clients and he is willing to listen to concerns and work with clients to tailor design solutions. Sumit is passionate about focus and thinking outside of the box to find a win-win solution for his clients, and doing his utmost to deliver using his professional and social skills in negotiation, effective communication and in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market.

Anjan Sehgal P. 0394663075 M. 0410136141
Aman Nagra P. 0394663075 M. 0437324781
Sam Singh P. 0394663075 M. 0484000540
Razi Lama
Razi Lama Admin Assistant P. 0394663075
Vik Sodhi
Vik Sodhi P. 0394663075 M. 0401543662
Elly Rezania
Elly Rezania P. 94663075 M. 0428575657
Moey Khalil M. 0413729247
Mandeep Singh
Mandeep Singh Sales Executive P. 0477444488

A high-touch broker known for his extensive market knowledge and his unmatched devotion to clients. Manny’s success is based almost exclusively on positive referrals. He earns the respect of his clients by working tirelessly on their behalf and by always offering them candid advice.

As a Realtor, my first priority is to make my clients happy. I listen to my clients wants and needs to achieve the best outcome in every transaction and I strive to ensure that the home buying or selling process is fun, easy and stress-free. My clients can count on me any time of day when they have a question or concern.

Raj Nehra
Raj Nehra Sales Executive P. 0414713878 M. 0414713878

Raj Nehra is unquestionably an individual with boundless energy and enthusiasm from the time he has sold the first property till date, Raj passionately works to bring the smile of satisfaction that every vendor looks for. With his level of honesty, integrity and hard work, you can never go wrong. This makes him the first choice of vendors, with many vendors putting their heart out while describing Raj. Working across a number of suburbs allows Raj to be in tune with market movements and property trends around Melbourne. The key to his success in real estate is expert knowledge, communication, listening to client needs, professionalism, strategic planning, personalised service, can do attitude and a philosophy of consistent hard work.
Besides property matters, he is a good companion to explore the wineries in and around Victoria. A master chef in his own way, you can also embark on a journey with him to talk about and taste Indian delicacies over barbecue luncheons. A movie buff and culinary enthusiast, he is a people person and a genuine friend to cherish forever.  

Robbie Sandhu
Robbie Sandhu Sales Executive P. 0425707803 M. 0425707803

Robbie Sandhu can be defined in three words as Dynamic, Charismatic and Energetic.
“For Robbie, every day in Real Estate is a brand-new adventure – meeting different people from all walks of life and helping vendors to achieve the best outcome possible.”
Working alongside with some the area’s most respected and experienced estate agents, Robbie’s approach to successful property sales is impressively professional and remarkably simple – it all comes down to integrity, enthusiasm and determination.

Outside of the office, Robbie enjoys his Social Work and spending quality time with his wife, cute daughter, family and friends.

Manny Chopra
Manny Chopra Sales Executive P. 0408023187 M. 0408023187

Manav specialises in all aspects of the real estate industry. His industry knowledge and experience and sincere interest, in helping his clients will always completely satisfy the process of purchasing or selling a home. He loves what he does and prides himself on having a unique perspective on the entire process of matching people with homes.

His career passion is simple, real estate is his niche. Manav is approachable with a jovial demeanour indicating his love for his work. Armed with local market knowledge and huge network system with effective researching, and skilled to handle crisis with a sense of responsibility is Manav’s strength in his client’s interaction. Honouring commitment, dedication, practicality and high standards in most aspects of his working life.

His approach to customer service is energising and an exciting part of his role, the way he communicates and treats customers is reflected on the way they treat him, with utter respect and long-term loyalty.
He stands out from other agents in the pure fact that he provides an exceptional experience, displaying care at all times, efficiency and a professional conduct.

He is a natural comic, his humour allows him to stand out from the rest that has a positive effect on building trust with the clients. He creates positive influence on customer perception of his reliability and genuine concern about customer welfare with committed integrity. Manav will go to extremes to win challenges for his clients in order to provide the best advice and support.

Manav is the most polite, strong willed and completely unpretentious in his dealings with customers, his goal is to make his clients feel special, safe and ensure they fulfill their house requirements. Great communicator, Oozing confidence at all times, polished and responsible and dedicated to his clients search to find the solution to problems even in the most difficult of situations.

He combines his love for the industry with his passion of helping charitable organisations, by taking pride in giving back to the community.

Innovative and forward thinking, Manav is an expert in this field, and therefore his unrivalled source of knowledge and advice you can be assured of a high standard of service and dedication. If you are after in depth and insightful experience and assurance that no opportunity is ever missed in the process then you are in luck, Manav is just a phone call away.

Manav enjoys the simple things in life, the priceless and meaningful moments he shares with his girlfriend, while globetrotting the world when time allows.

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar Sales Executive P. 0455332664
Asmita Kandel
Asmita Kandel Sales Executive P. 0407870183 M. 0407870183

Passion for property and people.

Asmita has taken an exciting and prospering step in her career with the team at Bombay Real Estate. Excited and committed to further her real estate career with a reputable and trusted agency.

She is a determined, strong minded individual who is fully committed to making sure each client has an experience that is second to none. Living in the northern suburbs, Asmita has in-depth knowledge of area.

Highly professional and always wearing a smile, Asmita immediately makes clients feel comfortable as she attended to all their real estate needs.

In her spare time Asmita loves spending time with her young family.

Harman Singh
Harman Singh Sales Executive P. 0433421110 M. 0433421110

The only way to do great work is to love what you do
Harman is highly motivated with a strong work ethic, coupled with his down-to-earth personality. Harman believes in helping people to achieve their property goals and meeting their expectations is always his top priority.

Harman deploys specially tailored marketing strategies to achieve remarkable results for his clients. Patience, tenacity and building long-term relationships based on integrity and not just quick deals, are key elements to Harman success. He is an affable individual who enjoys meeting people from all walks of life.

Harman has immensely enjoyed living locally in Northen suburbs for over 5years, forming countless community ties and exploring the area with his family.

His track record of his past sales, passion in the real estate field and expert negotiation skills makes a powerful combination that gives him the edge over the competition. Harman is definitely someone to consider regarding your property requirements whether selling, buying or renting and for current market
Skills, expertise & awards
• Selling Properties
• Buying Properties
• Property Management
• Investment Properties
• Off-the-plan Properties
• Project Management


• Community involvement
• Proud supporter of Local Public Schools
• Proud supporter of Local Sporting Clubs